Viagra is a powerful ed medicine that helps you feel stronger when – and where – it counts.

And like all products, affordable prices are good, but free is even better.

So in this post, we’re going over where you can get free Viagra samples online, so you can save every penny on ed meds while testing if they work for you.

#1 – BlueChew’s Free Sildenafil

Click here to get BlueChew’s sildenafil chewable tablets FREE for the 1st month

BlueChew is the top contender and best choice to receive a free “sample” of sildenafil (the first month for free). You can use the coupon code at checkout to get $20 off their $20 plan (6 doses of sildenafil).

As a USA-based, regulated, and secure online pharmacy, they have all rights reserved to reproduce and provide this form of treatment for you, all in the form of a small and discreet chewable pill.

And they’re currently offering a free 30-day trial of their sildenafil tablets.

Also, BlueChew has many licensed medical providers and certified staff online that are available to handle the medical portion of the process with you swiftly.

Not only is their process easy to access, BlueChew has a strong backing of satisfied patrons and pledges to help you have a better sexual experience, which shows transparent proof of success from established health care professionals.

How Long Does It Take to Come in the Mail?

Keep in mind that there is a process that you have to go through before receiving your 1st month free.

Luckily, it isn’t a long one.

And once that process is complete, you can receive your sildenafil tablets free for the 1st month!

It usually takes about one day for the process to take place and about 3-4 working days for your BlueChew tablets to reach your mailbox.

Most men are satisfied with the discreet packaging that BlueChew uses; it’s simply a small black package that says “BlueChew” on the front.

Easy and discreet.

Do They Have Free Shipping?

BlueChew provides you with quality erectile dysfunction tablets, and it’s your job to handle the shipping cost.

Luckily, it’s only $5, which is way cheaper than some other online pharmacies, 

Want more details?

Included in the small shipping fee is 6 of BlueChew’s Sildenafil pills, which is a high value for a low amount.

Here’s where BlueChew spoils you: they provide you with an email about 5 days before your trial ends!

This means you’ll have a reminder to cancel your trial for the following month, so you don’t lose any of your money, or upgrade to a new subscription for more successful nights.

It’s a risk-free trial that most men can support.

Do You Need A Prescription?

Yes, you need a prescription to receive BlueChew’s First Month Free Promotion, and here is why:

The active ingredient in Viagra is sildenafil, which is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Therefore, since the drug is regulated, it can only be prescribed to you by a licensed medical provider. But not to worry, because BlueChew makes it easy.

Remember that “process” I was talking about earlier?

Well, it entails taking a short survey on BlueChew’s website to gather more information about your sexual and overall health.

As soon as you complete the survey, one of their licensed medical providers will review it and determine if you’re a good candidate for the tablets; and this process usually only takes about 24 hours!

And the whole point of the short turnaround time is to get your tablets to you in a timely fashion.

After the medical provider gives you the green light, they will inform you that you have been approved for the tablets, write a prescription for you, and send it directly to BlueChew’s partner pharmacies.

From there, you’ll receive an email from BlueChew stating that your status is activated and that they’ll start packaging your tablets. The package is shipped off the next day!

#2 – Huge.com Free Sildenafil Samples

Huge.com is another ED medication service that offers free trials of generic viagra and Cialis.

For the BlueChew samples mentioned above, you still had to pay $5 for shipping. But, with Huge.com, that shipping cost is only $1 total, so it’s actually much closer to 100% free viagra.

I did have to enter my debit card number to get the trial, but I tested out canceling, and it was easy to do from their dashboard. I also checked to verify they didn’t double charge me, and they did honor the cancellation I made.

Huge.com is not chewable, and you must swallow the pills. It is stronger than BlueChew and has 50mg doses of sildenafil instead of the 30mg BlueChew offers.

#3 – ViaBestBuys ED Viagra Trial

ViaBestBuys.com is an online pharmacy that sells generic Viagra pills to remedy erectile dysfunction symptoms.

They have been around for some time and have had many satisfied customers in the past, especially overseas.

But if you’re trying to get your hands on a free Viagra sample, you should know that ViaBestBuys.com has a decent deal for you: 10 free 100mg Viagra tablets for the course of 30 days.

There is also the matter of shipping, which you do have to pay, and it costs $29.

But to make things more convenient for you, they do accept PayPal and Bitcoin as alternative forms of payment. 

You will need a prescription to receive their free Viagra sample, which must be sent to them through a secure channel.

ViaBestBuys.com shipping is between 10 and 18 business days, so you’ll have time to prepare for your big moment. There’s isn’t much risk to this option, and it could help in the long run.

#4 – Pfizer Viagra Free Sample

Pfizer, the largest pharmaceutical company in the U.S. and the originator of the Viagra Pill.

They have been serving men with their products for about 30 years and have a reputation for always being there when needed.

Since they are well-established, they are currently satisfied with their process, which can create some challenges for you.

One of those challenges is knowing that Pfizer is not offering free samples of any of their ED pills.

Not only that, receiving it through the mail is not an option either due to their regulations.

However, Pfizer does have a simple 3-step process that will assess you to see if you’re a fit for their tablet.

First, you’ll sign up with your name and credential; then, you’ll find the samples that you may be eligible for; finally, you’ll receive paperwork to print, sign, and fax back.

Luckily, the electronic signature feature is available for their patients as well.

You can also order their generic version, Sildenafil, with the same effects, but it’s much cheaper and more accessible.

The Bottom Line

We all love the word “free,” especially when it can benefit us in numerous ways. This is why BlueChew stands as strong as our top pick; it’s a digital pharmacy of low risk and high quality. 

By signing up with your email address, their process for obtaining a prescription through their website is efficient and fast. 

Let’s not forget that they’ll have your free Viagra samples at your door within three business days. 

Erectile dysfunction shouldn’t make men feel like patients, and BlueChew knows this, which is why they make receiving free Viagra tablets easy and cool. If you prefer Cialis, don’t forget to check out our article on free Cialis while you’re here.

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