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Comprehensive Discharge Planning

Comprehensive discharge planning has a significant impact on the reduction of readmission rates which greatly improves the health outcomes without incurring extra costs. Therefore, the reduction of preventable readmission is essential because it improves hospital financial success and clinical excellence. This helps in cutting readmission rates, improving patient education, and fostering patient engagement. A comprehensive […]

5 Key Areas Known to Reduce Avoidable Readmissions

There are many cases of readmission, which, if properly managed by the hospitals, can be avoided entirely. Readmission usually occurs due to the following reasons: •    Lack of appropriate and timely post-hospital care and management •    Inadequate knowledge to the patient, as well as the immediate family members, regarding the post-discharge home self-care •    Avoidable […]

Ten Things You Can Do for Your Mental Health

Mental health is something that should be your priority but due to the stress involved in our daily life, we completely forget about taking care of ourself. Mental health is important to ensure that your mind and body are balanced with one another. This allows you to stay healthy and happy longer. If you are […]

Transition Communications – Tools and Resources

Gap Analysis Safe transitions are dependent on structures and processes which have been identified as the safe components and actions. Implementation of the safe transitions program should start with a gap analysis to examine how your organization is currently performing. The gap analysis provides insight into the needs for improvement toward safe transitions of care. […]

Mental Health Collaborative

The RARE Collaborative: Mental Health Care Transitions is a yearlong learning collaborative for organizations with inpatient mental health units. It is designed to support organizations in reducing readmissions for these patients and to improve their transition into post-acute care.

Using best and promising practices as well as evidence-based interventions; each organization’s team will be coached through the process of improvement. The collaborative will primarily use virtual meetings with a daylong session at the beginning and end of the year. Content will focus on the five key areas known to reduce avoidable readmissions. Participating organizations will be able to network with other participants as well as learn from national experts.

Participating Organizations

  • Essentia Health East, Duluth
  • Fairview Southdale Hospital
  • Hennepin County Medical Center
  • Mayo Clinic
  • North Memorial Medical Center
  • Regions Hospital
  • St. Cloud Hospital
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital, HealthEast Care System
  • St. Luke’s, Duluth
  • State of Minnesota/Anoka-Metro Regional Treatment Center and Community Behavioral Health Hospital –
  • Rochester
  • United Hospital
  • University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview

Benefits of Participation

  • Coaching tailored to your organization from your own resource consultant
  • Opportunities to learn from state and national experts
  • Share lessons learned with your peers in a supportive, collaborative environment
  • Access to data on your hospital’s potentially preventable readmissions for this specific patient population
  • Interventions based on best and promising practices as well as evidence-based interventions
  • Interventions tailored to the needs of your organization

Expectations Include

  • Attend two all-day learning sessions and monthly webinars. The first learning day is February 19, 2014. The
  • second will occur in February of 2015
  • Perform an assessment to identify your organization’s improvement opportunities
  • Work on at least one of the five focus areas for reducing avoidable readmissions
  • Share your outcomes and lessons learned
  • Collect data as needed based on identified focus area
  • Commit to sharing, learning and supporting others!

National Recognition for Minnesota’s Work to Reduce Hospital Readmissions

RARE Campaign Earns National Quality Forum, The Joint Commission Patient Safety and Quality Award Minnesota hospitals and their community partners have received national recognition for their work to reduce avoidable readmissions. The Reducing Avoidable Readmissions Effectively (RARE) Campaign, a broad-based coalition of hospitals and care providers working to improve discharge planning, medication management and primary […]

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